Google Account login error for Community

It says to use your dashboard login. I used Google Account. It says the apps request is invalid.

Then I tried to create an account using the email (sometimes community forums have them separate) but it recognized my duplicate login. I tried to merge them and got the same error from Google.

When I request a password (because I have none from signing up with Google Account) no email comes through in junk or anywhere (pretty common issues in my experience) so I can’t login here without Google.

I made a new login that is different from the Dashboard because it had to be so hopefully that doesn’t matter for the actual question I came here to ask.

I would share both screen shots but new users can only share one screen shot (??)

I am not sure what has happened here and it does seem confusing. From our main dashboard I know that you can create an account via Google and a separate account via email. Right now the linking of accounts is not working. I also know that the forum is set up in such a way that you can use your main dashboard login. But this was set up to use email/password and perhaps does not support Google and also does not support linked accounts.

It does seem you found a way to login to the forum and post this. Are you able to login to the dashboard? We have deleted the duplicate account for a few users, we can do that too if it means things work more smoothly or if accounts conflict.

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Yup, the different account forum works :slight_smile: And I will look to the dashboard to make a password. Just heads up on the bug. I know some services I get prompted to create a password the second time I log in using Google Account and/or the “reset password” somehow does get an email through FWIW. Thanks again for all the help :slight_smile: