Forbidden destinations. Only Shotstack allowed. Backblaze s3 destination

Dear Shotstack community

I have one problem and one doubt about destinations.

Only Shotstack destination allowed

I’m trying to use s3 destination. As it shows pricing table, all destinations are allowed in all plans. I have Essentials plan.

However, if I make a request with destination s3 I get this error:

400 Bad Request: “{“success”:true,“message”:“Bad Request”,“response”:{“error”:{“name”:“ValidationError”,“details”:[{“message”:”"provider" must be one of [shotstack, mux, s3]",“path”:[“output”,“destinations”,0,“provider”],“type”:“any.allowOnly”,“context”:{“value”:“s3”,“valids”:[“shotstack”],“key”:“provider”,“label”:“provider”}}]}}}

If you focus in the last part (context) you can see only shotstack destination is allowed "valids":["shotstack"]. Why?

I’ve tried the same in studio editor and I get the same problem. The destination payload with imaginary data is:

"destinations": [
                "provider": "s3",
                "options": {
                    "region": "us-west-002",
                    "bucket": "random-bucket",
                    "filename": "random-name",
                    "acl": "private",
                    "prefix": "test"

S3 destination with Backblaze

I’m trying to use s3 AWS integration with Backblaze because it also supports it. Is that possible?

Thank you all!

Can you share more about you destination JSON config. It is all working OK and yes, you can use this with all plans. We currently only support AWS S3 and no S3 compatible providers yet. But still you shouldn’t get a validation error if you are passing the correct details.

I just tried now using region of us-west-002 and get this validation error, this is not a valid S3/AWS region so it returns a validation error. The error is obviously not very useful but I think this is the problem. Make sure you use a valid AWS S3 region if you use S3.

Ok, thanks.

I was trying to use a compatible S3 provider. That was the problem.

Have you planned to introduce S3 compatible destinations in the future?

Yes, we have S3 compatible providers on our roadmap!

When Do you have planned to release them?

We don’t yet have a release date but we are hoping before the end of year.


Anything new about these feature? 2024 has started but I see same destinations as 2023.