Feature request - adding stroke to text (htmlAssets)

I would like to request a feature - adding stroke (outline around individual text characters). I tried coming up with workarounds - creating multiple overlapping clips, creating images from text by using other services, etc.
I’ve seen other people coming across this problem too, and requesting the same feature in community posts.

Doesn’t have to be complicated, simply an option to set a strokeWidth and strokeColor on text would be great.

Thank you!

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This is something that I am interested in as well.

This is something that I am interested in as well.

Yes please! This would be amazing!

Interested as well, +1

How has this not been implemented yet? We need this to be able to see white text on videos!

I can already do this on FFMPEG, gives me less reason to switch over.

Huge +1 to this. We’ve implemented editing via some interesting effects using text-shadow CSS in our WYSIWYG editor, but realized we couldn’t roll it out as Shotstack didn’t support text-shadow. Oh well. Hoping this gets supported soon!

+1 to this too. I would instantly use this feature

For those still looking for solutions, if you’re using NodeJS, I ended up just using node-html-to-image for a quick and easy workaround and just passing Shotstack the pre-rendered image.

+1 to this too. been waiting to have this supported natively