Error when stringing together multiple HTML clips

Hi there,

I am having an issue where the transitions between my HTML clips have a quick flicker moment before moving on to the next HTML clip.

I have words appear on the screen that match the narrator. I have applied a fade in and fade out effect, and I see them fade out, but right before the next HTML clip engages there is a split second where the text that just faded out will reappear momentarily.

Any ideas?

Here is an id for a video where this happens: 024d482a-4690-4d69-a847-43b8e87cc620

There is actually a bug on the reveal transition. We will update here as soon as we have a resolution. In the mean time the same effects could be obtained using a luma matte or use a different transition.

Hi, was this ever resolved?

This fix is still blocked. We hope to fix it soon.

We have deployed a fix to the sandbox now. I have tested your video and it no longer blinks after the transition. Please try with the sandbox/staging API and you should see the issue is fixed. Will rollout to live in the next 48 hours.