Error 500 when using new Create API


I am getting 500 when testing the new Create API with the example provided at the docs. This is what my call looks like. Same result when using v1 environment. Am I missing something or is the API buggy? I have purchased a payed subscription just for this feature…


I found the issue: I had to pass the post body using the “json” parameter instead of “data”.

The server, however, should respond with 400 instead of 500 so I am keeping this post visible;)

Hi @AlterEgo. Welcome to Shotstack!

Regarding your question, as the payload is of type JSON application/json, you will need to pass it using either json=data or data=json.dumps(data) with the header "Content-Type": "application/json".

We have deployed a recent update to our API, where it now responds with a 400 status code if the provided JSON is invalid.

If you have any further questions please let me know :slight_smile:

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