Effects/animation on overlays?

Can we use any effects on overlays? (zoom, wipe, etc)

My app feeds each video a different dynamic headshot placed on an animated lower third. The head shot is just static and boring compared to the animated lower third. Is there anything I can do to it (just a popup animation or slide in would suffice. Maybe with HTML?

Have you had a look at transitions? You should be able to apply a transition to images and video asset types. So if the headshot is just an image, you can apply a transition.in of zoom, slideUp, slideLeft or fade, etc… and it should add some simple movement.

Full list of transitions are here: Transitions

okay, I didn’t realize overlays were like any video asset. Thanks

Yes, under the hood (in the JSON) they are just an image or video assets, but in the Studio editor we treat them slightly differently. So all video and image properties should work the same way.