Correct way to calculate offset x and y

I am having trouble to calculate precise value of position offsets. Currently I am using complex formula that somehow I made up, but end result may vary. I also tried Calculating offsets from absolute pixel values from Position elements in an image or video — Shotstack without luck.

This is my viewport (green screen). It’s 786x442. Image values in orange are x and y positions from top left of the viewport - to the top left of the image.

This is one of the end result with my formula, it’s close but not perfect

Also, my output is going to be 1280x720 but if I have correct offset I can multiply them by 1.629 (1280/786 and 720/442 ≈ 1.629)


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I found the solution, in the meanwhile. Sorry for disturbance. Topic can be deleted.


Glad you found the solution!