Connect Shotstack to

I’m just getting started with Shotstack… and I’m using for my app.

I made one video template in Shotstack and want to be able to use this same template over and over to make new videos from a form in Bubble… the video template is in my sandbox environment.

In Bubble, I went to the API Connector and filled out the details to the best of my knowledge, using my Sandbox API Key.

When I “Initialize Call”, I get an error that states "There was an issue setting up your call. Raw response for the API Status code 401 {“message”:“Unauthorized”}

… I’m totally lost.

It’s hard to tell form the screenshot, but is the Authentication (private key in header), is it sending the header key as x-api-key?

That was exactly the issue… I had to change “Authorization” to "

Thank you!

I seem to be having only one other issue now…

Bubble views “<” and “>” as the beginning and ending of dynamic data… to avoid issues with the paragraph tags I used “<” and “>” but those values aren’t reading in Shotstack as HTML.

The result is that my video text has the paragraph values

Found a workaround… putting it here for anyone in the future

I edited the workflow on Bubble to include the open paragraph tag in an Arbitrary text field and then appended the input value and appended the closing paragraph tag