Caption Endpoint | Automatically add (translated) captions to your videos

Simply add captions to your video using an API with the caption endpoint. Take a look at the video below for a demo!

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*** Update ***

Automatically caption and translate your videos using AI or an SRT file.

  1. Removed all duration limitations on AI speech recognition
  2. Added a queue so you now get given an id which you can poll using GET{id}
  3. Added a translate function. Now you can translate any video into a language of your choosing. Just add "translateTo": "nl" to the body.
  4. Added a new style black.


Old demo

Endpoint configuration

You can use this endpoint in two way:

  1. Use an SRT file to add captions
  2. Use AI to transcribe video and add captions

Call this endpoint by sending a POST request to:

with the following body:

    "url": "",
    "srtUrl": "",
    "style": "simple"

The srtUrl property is optional, and if omitted it automatically uses AI mode.

Make sure to add your Shotstack API production key to it. It won’t work with your staging key.



You can only created two very simple caption styles. But could add more styles quite easily.

Use black and simple style now available. Use property "style": "black"}

Original video

Video with SRT captions

Video with AI captions (Azure)




Just noticed the Loom doesn’t play the video audio :grimacing:

Check out the videos below the demo for examples.