Can't put a circle mask on an image

I’m using the studio and trying to put a circle mask on a photo.

One already exists on the sample template “real estate slide show with overlays”. I copied the URL to that image and tried to upload it but it would not . It said there’s a problem with the requested file. I tried downloading it and uploading it and got the same error. I then tried uploading my own circle jpg and circle png but I get the same error every time. Can we not upload still images as masks?

Hi @jeffmccutcheon

We are aware of the upload error and are actively tracking this bug.

I encounter this error when attempting to upload the mask

But when I put the luma link in the JSON as shown in this video, it works. This can be a temporary workaround.

Thanks. I was able to upload an mp4 of a circle and it worked

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