Can we use other S3-compatible services for storage?

Hi there - I am just getting stated with Shotstack and was wondering if we can use other S3 compatible services?

Specifically - I use DreamObjects (which compatible with the S3 API). The only thing typically needed is to specify the server = Would it be possible to use this value in the “region” setting of the API?

Yes, we are looking in to new providers. I take it you just need to enter credentials and then there is the concept of buckets, prefix (like file path). I don’t think it will work off the shelf but will add this to the list of destinations we integrate with in the future.

For now you will still need to download the file at the temporary URL and save it to DreamObjects.

Ok thanks, yeah they give us the exact same info as S3… i’d love to use it for storage if you hopefully support it in the future:

hostname (
access key
secret key

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