Can ShotStack be used as alternative to idomoo

In Idomoo we have a system in place,
where we send them 4 6 images based on our comping type and in response we get a video based on a specified template,
the whole process is automated
my question is can shotstack be used as an alternative to Idomoo based on the above scenario I have mentioned
links to Idomoo


Yes, in many ways it can be used as an Idomoo alternative. We have a page here specifically about personalised video: Personalized Video Technology API - Shotstack.

You can use placeholders for personal details like names or data points or swap different assets and media such as videos and images to personalise each video to each user.

There is some setup involved from your side with the design, configuration and set up using our no-code workflow tool or APIs/SDKs.

Once setup we take care of the rendering of thousands of videos and can host them for you or send them to one of the built in storage locations.