Bulk slideshow shortvids through API

im using Cloudinary CDN for my images.
each itemcode have the same set of images, for example:
A123 has images shot A123_1 , A123_2, A123_3, A123_4
B123 has images shot B123_1 , B123_2, B123_3, B123_4 etc…

so the underscore is always the same for each item .

I want to bulk(mass) produce slideshow shortvideos for all my items.
Each itemcode shortvid will have the same timelength, same image effect and will use the same underscore image.

with which tool can this be done? or is there even a better alternative.

Hello @kenzo, Shotstack is perfect for producing mass slideshow shortvideos. You can store the output directly in Shotstack’s own storage, Amazon S3, or Mux.