Assets Not Downloading In Editor

Having a problem in multiple browsers and computers with the assets only downloading to 41% and the editor just showing a black screen. See screen shot attached. Can anyone offer a solution?

Hi Justin,

That’s frustrating. Can you share the JSON with me so I can try to reproduce the error?

It is a problem with all assets in our account though, not just one. Also it is saying new users cant paste json or upload a file so I am not sure how you want me to send it?

Do the source asset URL’s have CORS enabled. We fetch the assets using XHR JavaScript requests and not just regular browser downloads so if CORS requests are blocked then we can’t fetch the assets.

To work around this you might be able to use our upload buttons instead of using your own URLs for the design and setup. You can then replace these with your URL’s later.

It is only in the front end that videos won’t show, the actual rendering step is not affected by CORS so you can use any web accessible URL