API Call Limit Reset

Hi there,

I have been receiving a message while using the API saying that I have hit my API call limit… is there any way for me to reset this? I am using Shotstack for my intern project this summer and only have a couple weeks left, so I’d like to be able to renew this as soon as I can


Your sandbox limit will be reset daily but you can also use this form to submit a request to get it reset quicker. We unfortunately cannot guarantee we can get to it before the limit resets by itself.

One way to ensure you’re not using all your requests is to use webhooks. These don’t consume your call request limits and allow you to be informed about the status of your render immediately.

Got it, thank you! When does the limit reset itself? August 1?

Daily! So every 24 hours you should be able to make more requests.

Everytime I try to make a call to the API I get this error, is this from something else then?

{'message': 'Limit Exceeded'}

Ah I was talking about your production key. You’re right that your sandbox key is limited to 2,000 requests per month on a free account. I’ve just reset it back to 2,000 requests.