An error occurred downloading file

I am trying to generate a video from my api server. It was working fine but from today its throwing an error
“An error occurred downloading file” the file is

previously i have generated test videos using the same image link above.

any help would be much appreciated

Hi @chamindar2002,

It appears to working ok from my side with the below request. Do you have the uuid to the render that failed? I’ll be able to look in the logs to see what may have happened.

    "timeline": {
        "tracks": [
                "clips": [
                        "asset": {
                            "type": "image",
                            "src": ""
                        "start": 0,
                        "length": 1,
                        "fit": "contain"
    "output": {
        "format": "png",
        "resolution": "hd"

Hi @dazzatron ,

the uuid is : 5c2cb0d7-81d7-4566-9abe-baacd2789147
I have more uuids which failed the same if needed. the above was the last

thanks for the help

I had a look at this image just now: - it appears to be different now, a slide for someone named Linda.

Is this image being served dynamically. If the file is not available when we attempt to retrieve it or there is a connectivity issue the download process might fail.

I can also see that there is rate limiting for each request, starting at 1000 requests. Is it possible the rate limit is being exceeded and then the image does not download.

We’d recommend some kind of highly available static hosting option for your assets as it will be more reliable than service

yes thats is correct, the images are dynamic. i have changed the image to see if there is something to do with that particular image. Now it all seems to work fine.