Actual supported CSS and HTML

I’ve tried using the listed supported CSS and html tags - ex. bold or background-color, or padding/margin and none seem to work. Here is an example with editing the template JSON.

            "asset": {
              "type": "html",
              "width": 2000,
              "height": 150,
              "html": "<p data-html-type=\"text\">Book <b>your</b></p>",
              "css": "p { color: #26cb31; background-color: #202020; font-size: 80px; font-family: 'Open Sans'; text-align: center; }"
            "fit": "none",
            "scale": 1,
            "offset": {
              "x": 0.104,
              "y": 0
            "position": "center",
            "transition": {
              "in": "slideRightSlow"
            "start": 33,
            "length": 7

And here is a snip of that clip. Your should be bold, there should be a background.

I’ve reviewed this article where it says these tags and properties are supported yet they seem to have no effect?

Any help here? Or is this just a bug?

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