Access denied to rendered video file

We are encountering problems with some of the generated videos.

When we check the rendering status we get an status = “done”, but when we go to the generated URL, it gives us an Access Denied error. as shown below:

    <Message>Access Denied</Message>

Videos generated by the API are only available for 24 hours and must be transferred to a hosting provider within that time.

By default all files are transferred to Shotstacks hosting service which serves the files via a CDN. You can also chose alternative hosting providers that we integrate - currently Mux and AWS S3.

When files are transferred to the Shotstack hosting service you can use a URL like:{REGION}/{STAGE}/{ACCOUNT_ID}/{RENDER_ID}.{EXTENSION}

Here is an example, if the temporary URL looks like this:

The Shotstack hosted CDN url would be:

For more info about integrating with hosting providers start here: