A download or rendering task timed out


I used to render 1 hour long videos using the PHP SDK and API.
It worked very well but recently, I started generating videos again, and when I try to render 1 hour long videos, I hit a time out. (Reponse from the API = A download or rendering task timed out)

Maybe a recent modification have been done on the API ?
FYI : One year ago, your support suggested to me to use a beta feature (instance/a1). I checked, and i still have this feature in my payloads.

Is there a solution please ?
Thank you for your help
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Hey @Jordan,

We did make a few changes but videos of that lengths should still be fine.

Can you share a uuid of a render that failed and we’ll investigage.


Thank you for your response. Here is 2 renders that failed :

  • 050deb8b-F75a-47d9-8e02-430824819122
  • 1488ce2b-09a2-48dd-9a0c-7e443a37ae1e

Let me you know if you need anything else
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I’ve taken a deeper look at 1488ce2b-09a2-48dd-9a0c-7e443a37ae1e and it appears you are doing everything right.

I’m able to reproduce the issue as well. Because your render is so long (60min+) it gets broken down into 30 individual renders. All renders complete in about a minute except for the 30th which times out.

We’ll have to take a closer look at this and see what the issue may be. Apologies for the inconvenience.


No problem. Let me know if you need anything else

Thank you

The issue here is that we no longer split the audio track in to multiple parts but instead render a single audio track and then merge that with the video. The reason we did that was because the audio was being split on frames, but audio works in samples which are not the same and so some customers could hear a click or pop every now and again where the audio and video is joined.

We’ll need to think about ways we can optimise this. Can probably do something quick and basic to unblock you and something more advanced down the track.


Thank you for your answer. Very clear.
I am indeed interested in a quick solution to be able to continue my renderings. Can you tell me how to fix this problem on my side?

Thank you
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We have a bug fix in the current sprint and are looking to have it released soon.

Fix is deployed in staging/sandbox. You can test it there. Rendered 1488ce2b-09a2-48dd-9a0c-7e443a37ae1e in about 6.5 mins (not bad!). The audio component took about 2 mins. Still room for some optimisations but this will definitely unblock you.

Should be in production in the next 24-38 hours.

A few tweaks were made and this is now deployed to v1/prod.