Stuck in rendering phase - receiving error: 'Rendering failed: Disk space limit exceeded'

The total size of the file is only 299923301 bytes and includes another image overlay (not sure what the size of the watermark image is but its just a png).

I have already set cache = true and disk type = mount. Not sure what else I can do?

Please post the ID or JSON and I can take a look.



I wasn’t able to re-run the render because the asset URL’s have expired. I can see that you are trying to create a video that is over 8 minutes at 1080p. The output video is most likely going to be over 512MB. Even with disk type mount, you are still limited to 512Mb output file. From the docs:

When using the mount disk type you can ingest up to 5GB of source footage and assets and output a rendered video with a file size of 512MB.

I will send you a message with a beta feature you can use which should work around this.