Size video - Rendering failed: Disk space limit exceeded


I have some trouble when I render videos.
I want to render 1 hour long vidéos, compilation of music with only one image (same image during all the video), but the limit of 512Mb is reached too quickly. (I have on some test 200Mb videos for 8 min)

The weirdest part during my tests :

  • The render with a 1187Ko image (png) (1024x1024 px) is working. I have my 1h long render. (About 300Mo)
  • But, a render with a 960ko image (png) (1024x556) do not work. I hit the “Rendering failed: Disk space limit exceeded error”

The two tests are exactly the same length, with exactly the same musics.
I tried low quality, sd resolution and scaleTo. I tried “mount” disk. Even tried with 12FPS.
(+ disabling asset cache)

Is there any way to optimize my process so I can render 1h long video with any image ?
Is there any explication that one image works, and another image lighter doesnt ?

I use PHP DSK.

Thank you very much for your help
(PS : I just need this to validate my process and upgrade my plan)
Have a nice day

Hi Jordan,
I was able to look up and tested both your video renders and I got the same result with the second one exceeding the disk limit.

I then did a test to render just the first 30 seconds using the range setting. The first video came in at 3.08MB and the second came in at 7.85MB.

The only difference I can see between the two videos is the image but for the larger video the encoder must need to render at a higher bit rate to maintain the same level of quality which results in a video twice the size. Extrapolate out that 30 seconds to 1 hour and you will end up with a video larger than the limit of 512MB.

I have sent you a PM with details of how you can still render this video using a feature we currently have in private beta.