Making images FIT not FILL in slideshows

Loving the shotstack integromat modules.

I’m using it to make video slideshows from still images for funeral services.

I can happily create the video, add music and titles, but there is one problem with the images.

The rendered slideshow takes images and FILLS them to the width of the screen. This means that a portrait image gets the top and bottom cut off - often cutting off people’s heads.

I need to render the slideshow with the images set to FIT - that way portrait images will have black bars on either side of them, but it will show the entire photo.

We have a feature to do exactly what you are looking for.

Have a look at the fit parameter of the clip, you can see more here in the API reference docs: Shotstack v1 API Reference Documentation. You want to use the contain option. That will ensure the whole image is displayed regardless of size.

Hi @mark1,

For the slideshow Integromat module the fit module isn’t (yet) available. The way you’d get around this problem is by creating a render using the create and advanced render module. That module allows you to set the fit property.

I’ll make sure to make a note and see whether we can add in the fit parameter in a future release.