I made an app that uses OpenAI to create YouTube videos (horror themed)

I leveraged OpenAI’s API with ShotStack to create an app that automatically creates videos and posts them to YouTube. I’ve been working on this project for a few weeks now, so I wanted to share what I’ve come up with. I initially set out to create children’s story videos, but because of how terrifying the generated images were, I decided to make it into a horror-theme instead. It seemed like the natural progression.

There’s still lots of improvements to make. Obviously, we’d love to get ‘themed’ images, but I’m not sure the DALL E API yet offers that functionality.

I’d love if you checked it out, and I would greatly appreciate any feedback. This project is still very much a work in progress.


Love it. The future will feature more creations like this. I’m a big fan of Midjourney. I’ve seen some great looking horror/fantasy style images being generated by them. I think there are ways to make the characters and scenes more consistent. Not sure how you fully automate it though or if they have an API.

What would you like to see Shotstack offer to make this process less painful?

This is great. We’ve got a Create API in alpha ourselves where we are exploring making Dalle-E type models available within the Shotstack ecosystem. Let me know if that’d be of interest.

@dazzatron definitely interested

@lucas.spielberg i’m not sure midjourney has an publicly available API yet, so i’ve been using dalle. i’m not sure they quite have the endpoints configured for more consistent images, but that’s something i’m keeping an eye on for sure. if midjourney offers a solution for that issue with their API, i’ll likely switch over.

as for anything from shotstack to make this process easier, i think it was pretty painless and easy to use for the most part. i still haven’t been able to configure webhooks properly, but i figured i send out a single poll request on a slow timer to keep my token usage down. as for the service itself, i haven’t really explored using any of the video editing effects other than fade in and out, so i’d love to look into that. i’m not sure how detailed documentation is for those properties, but i admittedly haven’t looked very hard yet. i’m looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with in the future!

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