Crop and Stretch to Fit Question

If I want to crop and fit to cover, must it be done at the individual clip level, or can it be applied globally?

For example all of my video assets are 16:9, but I also want a render that’s 1:1. I understand how to change the aspect in the output section of the JSON. Is there some way to also apply the “cover” fit there where the wings of the 16:9 get trimmed down to fit the 1:1 viewport?

I get that “trim” is a parameter at the clip level, but it’s pretty cumbersome to add fit, crop, and trim for each individual clip. Hence the desire to set globally in output. Thanks!

Hi @jeff,

You would indeed have to apply this locally. We do see how it can be cumbersome to add these properties to every single clip property when doing this manually but the reason this is done is to keep the clip logic within the right scope.

I’ve added it as a feature request but in the meantime I would suggest that if you are building your template in a manual fashion you have clip snippets available with the right properties attached.