API combines clips but takes away audio - is this correct? [SOLVED]

Does the option to merge clips into one in Integromat remove the audio?

I have a problem.

I download some MP4 URLs with Integromat using the “Stitch” option, further extract the render information, download the MP4 and it appears that there is no sound in the file.

@dazzatron Many thanks for the Shotstack v2 module :gift_heart:

Hi @adudam14,

Good pickup. Yes it does indeed remove the audio. It feels to me like it needs to have the audio included unless someone wants it removed - not the other way around. For now I’ve pushed through a fix that keeps the audio in, and I’ll look into whether its worth adding the option to mute the video if needed.

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Dear God, make all apps on the internet have this speed of problem solving. I am delightful!

I think it’s worth adding an option to mute video if someone glues clips and bases their own soundtrack afterwards.

Thank you!


Just adding a note that we’ve added a mute option to the stitch module.


The default behaviour is to keep the audio - and under advanced settings you have the options to mute a clip.

I’ve also added this option to the trim module.